🔐 Snakeoil Academy

Come and join us for another Snakeoil Academy day where we’ll learn all about the skills that aid our development and management processes so that we build and maintain the confidence and protection of our users and their information.

Learn more about the Snakeoil Academy track at https://snakeoil.academy/

Talks in this track:
  • Collapsology: Why your biggest threat isn’t exposed RDP by errbufferoverfl
  • Let’s get radical: digital privacy as a collective issue by Samantha Floreani
  • AppSec on a budget by Mario Areias
  • Vampires in the Browser: banishing uninvited Javascript from your web app by Lilly Ryan
  • Working with penetration testers as a developer by Liam O
  • A capital letter, a number, a special character, an emotional journey for the character, a subplot, and a twist ending by philnash
  • Knock, knock! Who's there? by Markus Holtermann

  • Digital security and privacy are not just tools or a checklist to follow but an incredibly important set of skills for both our own development & management processes and the protection and confidence of our users and their information. No one wants to see their company in the news for the latest & greatest data breach!

    2020 was an unprecedented year, a sudden and massive global shift to working from home putting pressure on technical teams to quickly spin up solutions to allow "business as usual." Solutions that often create unforeseen consequences. Suddenly the security culture of your organisation is significantly more relevant to your attack surface.

    2021 hasn't been off to a simpler start! With mad dash efforts by governments around the world to pass internet regulation and legislation ultimately ending up surveilling the general public under the guise of preventing ~~cyber crime~~ and forcing enforcement onto private businesses.

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