Making Swiss Cheese of Ticket Sales

Fri September 10, 10:15 AM–10:45 AM • Back to program
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Brief discussion of Aviation Disasters

What do you do when two minutes into ticket sales, your website keels over? When overwhelmed with errors, how can you begin to find the root cause? Or worse, what happens when there is no single root cause?

Come and explore a recent #hugops case study, where customer demand was high, service availability was low, and stressed sysadmins and devs were frantically trying to get everything up and running again. Along this journey we’ll be visiting MySQL, NodeJS, Docker, Kubernetes, and Linux, to try and piece together the causes behind a real-world service outage earlier this year, and how to prevent it from happening again.

Yaakov He/Him

Yaakov is a Senior Developer at WiseTech Global and volunteer Systems Administrator at the SMASH! Anime Convention. He has been writing, breaking, and reverse-engineering code for many years, and is much better at debugging or building features than at writing bios.