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Fri September 10, 05:00 PM–05:30 PM • Back to program
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It's at the core of most IT systems that surround us. Without it, nobody would know each other on the Internet. And whatever we'd do would not be secure.

I'm talking about Identification and Authentication. But which options are out there to identify and authenticate someone?

Most IT services, such as websites, require us to create some form of account. With that, we can later identify ourselves again, and that allows the operator to authenticate our identity. But identification and authentication is not just between humans and machines, but also between humans and humans, and between machines and machines. But what are the different options out there? Surely, there is more than username and password or email and password, right? But what else? And how do those approaches work? What are their pros and cons? Let's explore them and see how they could be implemented in Python.

Markus Holtermann He / Him

Markus Holtermann works as a teamlink, back-end, and infrastructure engineer at micro-biolytics. He has been a Django core contributor since early 2015. He is a member of the Django security and operations team as well as an organizer of DjangoCon conferences. Markus has been a project lead at the German community support platform where he discovered Python and Django in 2010.