Collapsology: Why your biggest threat isn’t exposed RDP

Fri September 10, 09:30 AM–10:00 AM • Back to program
Start time 09:30
End time 10:00
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What can we learn from decades of research on collapsology, the study of industrial civilizations collapsing? What do ancient civilizations have in common with security culture? The answer is a lot more than you think, and it doesn't even involve patching! So come along to discover what we can learn about identifying risks and threats in our security culture. Because if you aren't hacking it, who is?

For decades, anthropologists, quantitative historians, and sociologists have discussed and proposed various explanations for the collapse of civilizations, from unsustainable complexity, decay of social cohesion, rising inequality and general misfortune.

Using our time-travelling phone booth, we’ll investigate historical collapses and conduct a root cause analysis to investigate why these collapses happened, and how we can observe similar issues in modern business environments.

This talk provides an overview of how to identify cultural threats in a rapidly evolving business landscape, and how we can use modern-day tools to identify these threats before they result in security culture collapse.

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Buffy (she/they) currently works at Canva as a security engineer, born on a moonless night in an undisclosed location along the cyber ley lines. For the past five years, they have been using the mystical powers handed down for generations to tame Pythons and Gophers, manifesting themself into the security engineer they are today.