Metrics for good, not evil

Fri September 10, 04:15 PM–04:45 PM • Back to program
Start time 16:15
End time 16:45
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SLOs, OKRs, and any metrics are only as good as the processes that allow people to advocate for data-driven approaches, and getting businesses set up to leverage their data for good (enablement) rather than evil (blame) is a big part of Engineering and DevOps maturity.

This talk walks through the pitfalls of setting the wrong goals and measuring metrics that drive poor outcomes and follows the story of looking for a way to balance the powers of engineering and product with sensible checks and balances born from data. It's a journey of what I have learned and discovered, mistakes I've made, and how to turn data into a business driver, and the DevOps teams who facilitate that data, into business influencers. This talk discusses how we can leverage metrics like SLOs for good (enablement) rather than evil (blame) and the place DevOps has in the wider Engineering team & Business decision-making structure.

Molly Rowe She/Her

Molly is a people person who has a passion for technology and how it influences our everyday lives. She is currently the Head of People and Culture for RecordPoint and she's loving every action-packed minute of it. Helping people succeed is her ongoing career goal. She aspires to make enough small differences that the molehills become a mountain. When she's not working she's finding a new craft hobby, playing MtG or outside in the sunshine.