Systems of the world: cataloguing the world's data for great good

Fri September 10, 05:00 PM–05:30 PM • Back to program
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There will be brief discussion of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, as well as global issues such as child mortality and hunger.

Humanity has made incredible progress across a wide range of measures, even as we face massive challenges. But the data for it all is scattered in the wind, stuck in excel files of massive organisations, in tiny addendums to research papers, and even in government tweets. Roll up your sleeves, we'll dive into initiatives by Our World In Data, Gapminder and Wikidata to unlock this data for great good! Along the way, we'll learn about the joys and pains of data harmonisation and ask, how meta should data really be?

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Lars Yencken he/him

Lars is an engineering lead and data scientist, currently leading the tech team at Our World In Data, where he tries to wrangle the world's datasets into shape and share insights into how we can make the world better.