Snakes all the way down, building Worlds with Python code

Sat September 11, 02:45 PM–03:15 PM • Back to program
Session Type Live
Start time 14:45
End time 15:15
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This talk will introduce and demonstrate a selection of procedural content generation tools built with Python. From planets, to plants, to pantheons of Gods, there is Python code out there to help generate them for you. It doesn't matter why you want to generate content, Python is here to help you get more done in less time.

I'll be covering ready made tools, libraries and open source repositories for creating planets, spaceships, plants, cities, Gods and Goddesses, and even some examples of more advanced techniques, such as the Wave Function Collapse Algorithm, and using Generative Adversarial Networks as part of procedurally generating creative content. Don't worry if the last two sound complicated! This isn't a deeply technical talk; it's a fun tour of the sorts of creative content that you can make using just your computer and some Python code!

Sam Bishop He/Him/They/Them

Professional software developer, Amateur rocket scientist and astronomer. Loves Python, Django, cats, working on their personal software and hardware projects, everything space, playing games of all kinds, and tinkering with 3D Printers.