Python Type hints and how they can supercharge CS education.

Fri September 10, 10:15 AM–10:45 AM • Back to program
Start time 10:15
End time 10:45
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This talk will walk through Python type hints: what they are, why they should be taught. Specifically we will example how it helps us write better code, and how it can teach a better generation of programmatic thinkers, and design better programs.

Python's support for type hints has been increasingly growing over the past several years.

This talk will go over what type hints are, an intro to type theory (and why it can be important to teach) and specifically around how type-hints can be used to enable students to understanding better software engineering and critical thinking principles.

This talk is based of my experience in learning about type systems for the first time in a software engineering course at UNSW. From then talking to a few highschool students about how to design certain aspects of their HSC Major Works - I realised that use of type-hints would significantly improve their ability to design and reason about manufacturing programming projects.

Shrey Somaiya He/Him