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Welcoming our Keynote: Ee Durbin!

Published 05 August, 2021

We are pleased to announce our keynote speaker for PyConline AU: Ee Durbin!

Ee has been the Director of Infrastructure for the Python Software Foundation since 2018, and was the conference director for PyCon US in 2018 and 2019.

Ee's keynote will be focused on the history and future sustainability of Python Packaging Index. From their provided keynote abstract:

The Python Package Index has taken massive strides as a service since its inception in 2002. Through committed volunteer action, two major grants, and a bevy of generous hosting providers this service has long established itself as a mission critical piece of infrastructure for nearly every Python developer globally. This keynote will take some time in retrospect of the growth, trials, tribulations, and successes of PyPI in the last twenty years. It will also raise to the surface the potential concerns for the sustainability of PyPI and some of the ways that the Python Software Foundation believes PyPI can continue to reliably serve the Python community for the next twenty years.

Richard Jones, PyConline AU 2021 director, says: "The Python website, and in particular the Python Package Index, is a critical resource for Python developers to learn about and make full use of Python. Straight from the factory floor is Ee, who is pivotal in making sure that PyPI is there when you need it."

Tickets for PyConline AU start at $29, and are available now!

See you online! Katie McLaughlin
Communications Director
PyConline AU 2021