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Seeking event volunteers

Published 19 May, 2021

As we start thinking ahead to our on the day event logistics, PyConline is actively seeking volunteers for the following roles: Green Room Tech Checker, and Show Producer.

If you are interested in either of these roles, please get in touch at contact@pycon.org.au

Please note that these roles are timezone dependent, and require someone who can work within the UTC+10 (Australia/Melbourne) timezone.

Green Room Tech Checker

Availability: from mid-July 2021, through event date.

Making sure our speakers look and sound good.

Show Producer

Availability: immediate, through event date.

The Producer ultimately makes sure the show goes on. The Producer ensures that the program selected and scheduled by the Program Chair actually happens!

Extensive support and mentorship will be provided for our show producer. We're asking a producer to be part of our core team early, so that they have experience of the inner workings prior to the conference event/stream.

This role is part of the core organiser team and should be available for weekly coordination syncs with the core team, and asynchronously by the organiser discord.