😱 DevOops: Learning from Failure

Learn from our failures, or teach us about yours. Lots of conference talks are about how hugely successful something was, or some experiment that worked. We want to learn about all the other times.

Talks in this track:
  • The Butterfly Effect: How a single bit changed my career by Jonathan Hall
  • Making Swiss Cheese of Ticket Sales by Yaakov
  • Planning for Failure using Chaos Engineering by Amit Saha
  • Things might go wrong in a data-intensive application by Petertc Chu
  • When a little web app needs to grow up... the journey from a hobby project to production by Matt Coles
  • Metrics for good, not evil by Molly Rowe
  • Accessibility Overlays: A Cautionary Tale by Dawn E. Collett

  • The DevOops track is all about learning from failure.

    A lot of conference talks are about things going right, and not a lot are about when things went wrong, which is weird because things tend to go wrong a lot. We want to celebrate all the things we can learn from when things go wrong.

    A good DevOops talk requires humility, kindness, and hope. Humility to know that it could happen to anyone. Kindness to help others avoid making the same mistakes so they don’t suffer as you did. Hope for a better future with fewer mistakes and less suffering.

    Help us make new and better mistakes instead of endlessly repeating the same old, tired ones.


    Justin Warren he/him


    Aurynn Shaw she/her